August 28, 2016

The Gospel of Grace

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: iWitness Topic: Gospel Passage: Acts 15:1–12

Acts 15.1-12: The gospel changes lives. It is about conversion to Jesus. It is about discovering who Jesus really is even as we discover who we really are. It is about deciding to stop living in destructive, unfulfilling ways and instead turn around and start following Jesus as we pursue wholeness. Conversion is the word we use to describe the experience of turning around and following Jesus (Richard Peace, “Holy Conversation,” p. 17). There are opposing beliefs to the gospel as we see in today’s text, but as we see with the apostles we must boldly proclaim the only truth that can cleanse hearts. Today may we remember the glorious truth of the grace of our Lord Jesus and understand that it is only by and through Him that we can be changed.

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