Just like our bodies are made up of multiple, necessary parts, your talents and abilities are needed to fulfill God’s mission for our church. There are opportunities in every area. Here are some areas for you to consider:

Service Opportunites:

***Provide Meals for Students*** - As you can imagine our middle and high school students like to eat! Click here to provide a meal.

Audio, Lighting or Video Volunteer – email Jon Meyer

Children Check-In Volunteer – email CJ Cunniff

Children Infant or Preschool Helper – email Grace Kizer

Children Kidz Leader – email Grace Kizer

Facilities Director – email Kevin Culver

Gathering Food\Drink Organizer – email CJ Cunniff

Graphic Designer – email Jerry Witham

Greeter – email CJ Cunniff

IT Administrator – email Kevin Culver

Missions Global Leader or Volunteer – email Jerry Witham

Missions Local Leader or Volunteer – email Jerry Witham

Musician or Vocalist – email Jon Meyer

Security Team Volunteer – email CJ Cunniff

Youth Leader – email Jerry Witham