Our greatest desire at The Ridge is being disciples and making disciples and through this process people having a growing relationship with Jesus. LIFEgroups are the place to be continually challenged in our pursuit of a life-changing relationship with Jesus. They are also the place where relationships are built, as care and accountability occurs.

The model for LIFEgroups is Acts 2:42-47 which describes the activity of the first century church. This description paints a beautiful picture of believers worshipping, fellowshipping, praying, ministering, and studying God's word together as they strive to become more like Christ.

The vision of LIFEgroups is to provide a place where people can experience unity, a place where they can be loved, supported, and ministered to, and a place where they can become the person God wants them to be. It is our hope that every member and regular attendee of The Ridge considers involvement in a LIFEgroup a vital part of their spiritual growth.

How to find a group:

You can locate a group through our list of groups or Group Map.

Feel free to contact the leader of a group either by phone or email to get more information for their group. If you have any questions or need assistance in finding a group you can email lifegroups@ridgeonline.org.