January 22, 2017

The Risk-filled Life

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: iWitness Topic: Risk Passage: Acts 23:11– 28:16

Life is full of many obstacles. One of those is fear. What are you afraid of? Does fear at times hold you captive? Fear is real and God gave us the ability to fear when danger is coming. Sometimes, though, fear can paralyze us and keep us from living for God’s aim for our life. God created you and I to live for the honor and exaltation of Christ (Colossians 1.16). Does fear hold you back at times when it comes to living for the cause of Christ? Instead of being afraid God wants us to be risk takers. Today, I want us to look at risk through the Apostle Paul as he was in Jerusalem and eventually Rome and the risks he took. God wants you and I to take risks just as Paul did. In fact, very little happens in the life of a church or of an individual apart from risk. Let us expect great things from God and attempt great things for Him.

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