September 13, 2015

Free Indeed

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Live Free Topic: Freedom Passage: John 8:1–36

John 8: Have you ever watched an eagle in the sky? They seem to soar so effortlessly. They are up high above everything enjoying the fresh air and the view of creation. When I look at an eagle soaring I think to myself that is freedom. My closest experience to this was a few years back when my family and I went to Disney and one night we had a midnight pass to ride some rides over and over again. We took full advantage of this and road one ride over and over (well at least I did). The ride was called Soarin’ and I could not get enough of it. There was something about being lifted up above the ground and feeling like you were flying in the sky over the beautiful creation. Eagles get to freely soar and the ride at Disney gives you a glimpse of it for a moment, but can we experience such here on ground level? We can. We don’t have to be trapped, caged in or have our wings clipped to settle for mere existence, the status quo, mediocrity or purposeless and hopeless living. Jesus gives us two words that far outweigh the experience of an eagle or a ride at Disney. His two words are: FREE INDEED. As we begin our new series today, Live Free, we do so with two words that truly change everything and causes us to soar even when the world tries to clip our wings.

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