July 10, 2022

Isaiah: More of Jesus, Less of Us

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope Passage: Isaiah 63:1–19

Today, Isaiah in this text invites us to look at the greatness of God.  In Isaiah 62, we see this vision of the heavenly Zion and we are invited in Isaiah 63 to look at God in all that He is.  And we see two big characteristics/attributes: God’s wrath and love.  They are both good and a great help to us, but how.  We look at the world today, and we see the increasing evil, weekly, almost daily senseless acts of violence in our communities, the cry for rights to take innocent lives in the womb, war, sufferings…and we at times wonder, God, where are you?  You have the power to act, what holds you back from acting?  But Isaiah invites us (has been inviting us through his writing) to look beyond the world and enlarge our vision of God and accept Him for all that He is, and when we do our frustrations begin to melt away, and we are strengthened to face anything. So, as we look at God today, we first see the triumphal anger of Jesus Christ against evil, second we see His steadfast love throughout history and third, it leaves us asking God to come for we need more of Him!

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