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Isaiah: Our Hope - God Saves Sinners

October 3, 2021 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope

Topic: Hope Passage: Isaiah 1:1–1:20

Today, we begin a new series in the book of Isaiah. This is one of the most passionate and clear books in the bible that points to Jesus as the only true God and Savior. It is a message of hope. Isaiah’s message of hope looked forward and predicted events that would take place centuries later. God empowered Isaiah as a true prophet led by the Spirit of God. He stood outside of time and God led him to see clearly aspects of human history (past, present and future). He will speak some tough words to a nation and to us, but don’t miss the hope mingled within words of judgment. Jesus Christ was Isaiah’s hope and He is the hope for all mankind. Church, let us have that hope and share it to the world.

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