September 1, 2013

Matthew: What Everything Hangs On Part 1

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Matthew's Gospel: The King and His Kingdom Topic: Love Passage: Matthew 22:34–:40

Matthew 22.34-40: Jesus continues to have questions volleyed to him during His final days before the cross. Jesus’ answer to the question posed this week draws a line in the sand between religion and relationship and between self and surrender. In fact, everything hangs on what Jesus shares this day. If you don’t hit this target that He sets you miss the mark. The problem with His day and with our day as well, is that just as the religious leaders were deceived, so are many today. I pray today we are shaken with the reality of what Jesus is saying and we don’t merely assume that we are hitting the target, when maybe we are truly aiming at something completely different like the religious in Jesus’ day and therefore completely missing it and doomed.

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