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The goal and vision for The Ridge Students

LIFEGroups is true spiritual formation

Separate middle school and high school LIFEGroups are offered. The middle school group meets on Sundays at 9am, before the 10am service. The high school group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month after the 10am service. Lunch is provided. 

LIFEGroup is a time where students can connect in a small group setting, study God's Word together, get clear answers from leaders that care and grow in community with one another. Student LIFEGroups are hosted at The Ridge Church location (4561 N. Josey Ln).

Transforming our lives towards the life and character of Jesus Chirst -

  • through the Word
  • through discipleship
  • through prayer
  • through service

To challenge the students to own their faith -

  • through meeting in community
  • through true Christ-centered fellowship
  • through events
  • through Biblically-based accountability

Our RidgeStudents Covenant is interwoven through everything we do within the ministry, especially our LIFEgroup meetings.

Though we seek to become more Christ-like in all areas of our lives, as a group we intend to emphasize several values. These include:

  • Being Biblically Based: To rely on the Word in all things, if we have a question, consult the Word first before anything else.
  • Prayer: Regularly interceding for others
  • Respect: Respecting each other’s differences in stages of growth, understanding, and healing
  • Compassion: Listen and give comfort to others, instead of always trying to “fix” problems
  • Accountability/Consequences: To address my behavior before others when suspected or caught acting contrary to my convictions
  • Confidentiality: Not relating to others outside a group what we hear, observe, or sense
  • Creativity: We will try new things, express new thoughts, and be open to do things differently.