March 6, 2022

Isaiah: Living On The Edge of Faith

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope Topic: Faith Passage: Isaiah 36:1– 37:7

We always live on the cutting edge of faith, either faith in God or faith in something else.  How and where is your faith being tested today?  Whatever your challenge is right now, God is with you in it.  Trust Him.  Look to Him.  He will not fail you.  This morning, we see in Isaiah 36-37, a crisis that has been brewing and now comes.  It is a test of faith for God’s leader and people.  Trust in God or surrender to the enemy, trusting in his lies.  This great struggle between Assyria and Judah is a picture of what spiritual warfare Christians face in this world that is dominated by Satan and his spiritual forces of evil.  The spiritual battle is real just as the battle of Assyria and Judah is.  Will we trust God in the battle?  Or will we give in to the enemy.  Let us be encouraged and challenged as we look at the challenge Judah faced.

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