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Isaiah: Remain in Jesus and Bear Fruit

November 14, 2021 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope

Topic: Love, Glory of God Passage: Isaiah 5:18–5:30

We see in Isaiah 5, that God made a vineyard, His people, Israel, that they would bear good fruit, but they produced bad grapes.  Instead of living according to the will of God and His Word they chose to live according to their own standards.  This did not end up well for Israel.  Israel's failure was not because God failed.  He did not fail.  He continues to work in the vineyard today.  God's vineyard is His church and just as He expected good fruit from Israel, so He does the same from His church.  God has planted and created His church to bear much fruit for the glory of God.  Today, we learn what good fruit God desires from His church and to what end.     

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