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Isaiah: God's Grace and Our Fruit

November 7, 2021 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope

Topic: Grace Passage: Isaiah 5:1–5:17

God's grace is truly amazing.  We see His grace everyday from the rising of the sun to its setting each day.  In between, we are blessed with so much from food and clothing, to friends and family, to education and health, to shelter and work and so much more.  This is God's common grace that all experience.  Then we see His special or effectual grace that He has shown in Jesus.  Not all experience this grace.  In Isaiah's day, Israel experienced God's common grace as His vineyard, but they did not respond rightly, producing bad fruit.  This has been true not just with Israel, but with every generation that has experienced the avalanche of God's grace.  So, as Jesus' followers who have received this special and amazing grace ow should we respond?  How shall we live?   

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