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Isaiah: A Firm Foundation

October 24, 2021 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Isaiah: Hope

Topic: Christ and Culture Passage: Isaiah 3:1–4:1

God has been and is about a building project.  God’s ultimate building site is both the hearts of people and an eternal city one day – the New Jerusalem, combination of a spiritual dwelling place and a literal city.  The history of the actual city of Jerusalem is a spiritual picture of God’s spiritual building project in His people.  God is building a people since the beginning of time. One day all who belong to Him will live with Him forever in the New Jerusalem.

Isaiah 3 is a picture of what the building project looks like as God is building His people here on earth.  It is a reality that is both horrible and beautiful.  As we look at this prophecy, we see how significant the foundation of our life is both to us, but also our society.  Upon that foundation we need pillars that lead and display godliness in the world or else God will act and remove the pillars and it will be a bleak situation for a society, a nation and a people as a result.  So, here we see the downfall of a people, but this does not mean God’s building project is done.  He is continually building as the great Architect a people for Himself.

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