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40 For 40: Moses, The Way Out

November 8, 2020 Speaker: Jerry Webb Series: 40 FOR 40

Topic: salvation Passage: Exodus 3:1–3:15, John 14:5–14:12

When we look at the scriptures, particularly much of the Old Testament, we are looking backward into history. As we arrive this morning at the Book of Exodus, we have a chance to look at the person of Moses. Moses led the people of Israel out of captivity from the land of Egypt, but he wasn’t always a leader of people. As we look at how God molded him and shaped his path, we will also see how God does the same thing in each of our lives. Whether you are joining with us either in person or online, we will also see a comparison between Moses and Jesus. The history of the Bible is also the history of Jesus and salvation. Indeed it is His Story.

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