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40 For 40: The Tower of Babel

October 11, 2020 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: 40 FOR 40

Topic: Diversity, Judgment Passage: Genesis 11 :1 –11 :9

After the flood, humanity continued to struggle with the aim of their life.  Many made life about making a name for themselves.  We see this in the Tower of Babel.  God is not present in the peoples' aim.  They are aiming at their own greatness.  This is a snapshot of what we all struggle with at times being full of pride and selfish ambition.  Today, we see the reality of living for something other than God's name and how God responds to a people who do such.  In God's judgement we see His mercy, as people are scattered throughout the earth creating great diversity that should be celebrated as part of God's orchestration to exalt-Christ and to advance His saving purposes in the world.

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