October 15, 2017

Exalting God To The Next Generation Part 2

Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Exalting God To The Next Generation Topic: Parenting Passage: 1 Samuel 2:1– 3:21

1 Samuel 2-3: Parents of children who are grown and out of the house will often tell parents of today that they are glad they are not raising children in today’s world.  The culture we live in has always been filled with ungodly influences and yes the influences of our world our stronger than ever, but the power of a godly influence is much more powerful than an ungodly one.  That is what we see in the early years of Samuel’s life, as he had a godly parental influence impact his life.  On the other hand, Eli the priest had gotten off track when it came to his parental influence with his sons.  Today we learn the great power of influence that a parent can have, as we seek to be those who exalt God to the next generation.   

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