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The Gospel is for Everyone

August 7, 2016 Speaker: David Bird Series: iWitness

Topic: Mission Passage: Acts 13:44–13:52

The gospel is for everyone. That sounds so obvious to us but in the first century it was a radical concept. The Jews held very dearly to the idea that as the chosen people God was only for them. The rest of the world’s peoples, nations, language groups, and lifestyles were beyond the scope of God’s love. Yet Jesus died for the sins of all and was raised to give eternal lie to all who would believe in Him.

Today we know this is true in our hearts but we tend to let the cares of this world intrude and we push the thoughts of others aside. As we study Acts 13:44-52 we see the disciples were continually filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. What caused this joy? What came with the filling of the Spirit? The laser focus that the gospel was for everyone!

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