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A True and Committed Disciple

May 15, 2016 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: iWitness

Topic: Mission Passage: Acts 8:1–8:24

Acts 8.1-24: Have you ever just sat back and thought about the impact the gospel has on people? It is life-changing and life-altering. The gospel in the first century was changing lives and it was met with different responses. In today’s Scripture text, we see the response of anger and hate with persecution against the church. We also see lives truly changed, but then we also see one attracted to the phenomenon of the supernatural and miracles and signs. Those who persecute make it clear of their hate toward Jesus and His church, but those who are attracted to the outward signs and yet never truly repent and never have a changed heart muddy the waters and distract from the truth of the gospel. As Christians, we must expect trouble from both the persecutors and those who offer up a counterfeit Christianity. Both are the enemy’s tools to try and destroy the church. Let us guard the truth and be strong in our faith just like the saints of old who lived in the face of opposition and even willingly laid down their lives for Christ.

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