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New Here

New Here

We are excited to offer this online resource, Ridge at Home.  It hosts all of our gatherings for our ministries online plus other information.  We believe it is important during this time to be connected as a church family, whether we are online or in-person and as individual families.  We believe Ridge at Home resource will help with that.

Worship Gathering: Sermon and Questions
We will have the sermon posted at 10AM to our YouTube page on Sunday morning.

Isaiah: Holy Living In A Mixed Up World | 05.22.2022
Sermon Discussion Questions:

Read: Isaiah 57.1-21

1. What two types of people does Isaiah speak about here?  What is the difference between the two?

2. How do we see a growth of paganism in our country today?  Look at the wickedness in 57.3-13 to help think through this.

3. What does 57.15 teach us about God and heaven?

4. What does 57.20-21, teach us about the root casue for the misery, strife and warfare in the world today?


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