Latest Update on Covid-19

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Hello Ridge Family!

We continue to watch and pray.  We want this to be a healthy and safe season for you as well.  So, we will continue to follow what we have been doing on Sundays.

On Sundays, we will continue to ask Covid questions when you enter, take your temperature and require a mask while you are in the building.  We will have one service at 10 am with limited capacity.  We will continue to have our reservation system in place to help us with social distancing.  A link to reserve your seat will go out each week.  We appreciate you taking these steps as we continue to be loving and caring to those in our church and community.

We know some will continue to stay at home during this season.  We completely understand and don't want you to feel pressured into returning in-person until you are ready.  In light of that, we will continue to offer online resources.  We continue to offer our online resource, Ridge at Home, that hosts all of our gatherings for our ministries online plus other information. We believe it is important during this time to be connected as a church family, whether we are online or in-person and as individual families.  We believe Ridge at Home resource will help with that.

We will continue to have our gathering for our Ridge Kidz at 10 am on Sunday mornings.  For right now it will be for K-5th grade only.  Erica and her team continue to provide a safe and fun experience for your children.  All children are welcome in the service as well and we will also continue to utilize our weekly video lessons for kids.

Students will continue to meet in-person on Wednesdays as well.  Vince and his team continue to provide a safe and fun experience for your students.  Students wear masks and practicing social distancing the best they can as they gather.  For more information check out The Ridge Students on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and continue to watch for email updates.  There will also continue to be online resources provided as well.

LIFEgroups continue to meet both in-peron and online.  

Thank you for your continued patience and grace throughout this season.  Our greatest desire is to magnify Jesus and to love and serve you the best we can.  


For your joy,

Updates and Communication

  • Click here to reserve your seat(s) for 10AM Sunday Worship

  • We will have the sermon posted at 10AM to our YouTube page on Sunday morning.

Monitoring & Illness Prevention

The Ridge elders and staff are monitoring the Coronavirus situation and will seek to follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and local government officals as they address this changing situation.

Practice steps to prevent illness, including frequent hand-washing, minimizing close contact (especially as you greet each other), and staying at home if you’re experiencing sickness (and seeking out medical care). For those at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19, which includes older adults, those with chronic medical conditions, or those with weakened immune systems, please take necessary precautions.


  • Website: Go to the Giving page 
  • Text: To participate, text “Ridge and your gift amount" to 73256. For example, a text of “Ridge$100” would send a donation of $100 to our general fund.
  • Mail: You are welcome to mail checks to The Ridge Church, 4561 N Josey Ln, Carrollton TX 75010.
  • Your Bank: Setup The Ridge Church with the above address as one of your bank's online payees.


  • Children's Online Experience - Erica is so excited to provide your kids an experience, they can use to continue to learn & grow deeper in The Lord. This week we are talking about God's Love. The Bible Story will be The Parable of The Prodigal Son. Click here to join in the fun
  • Children K thru 5th grade are welcome to join our in person Sunday gatherings starting at 10am.  Click here for more information
  • Student's Online Experience - Vince is excited to announce that we are continuing to have FUEL & ARISE through our online experience! We want to create an opportunity for you to continue to grow in your faith with us by joining us on: YouTube Facebook Instagram
  • Students, 6th thru 12th grades are welcome to attend our in person gatherings on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30  For more information contact Vince Portillo
  • Events: All activities and gatherings that take place at the church are postponed/suspended until further notice.
  • LIFEgroups: The Ridge is exercising precautions and are postponing LIFEgroup meetings. We are encouraging leaders to have their groups reach out to one another during this time. If you have questions, contact David Bird.

Care & Help

  • Check in via phone/text with older congregants and those who have compromised immune systems.
  • Inquire with those in your small groups who may get laid off or become unemployed because of shutdowns. Keep in mind the availability of the Family Fund, and encourage organic and mutual support of those in need.
  • The Care Team exists to provide Christian Care for an immediate need or crisis by providing temporary meals to Ridge Church members who are celebrating the birth of a child, recovering from illness or surgery, grieving the loss of a loved one, or to assist those who have financial burdens.  If you can help or know someone needing help then click here
  • Submit prayer requests by clicking here and if you would like to join our prayer team, click here


  • Thank you for visiting our online gathering.  We do ask a favor of you, please take a moment and fill out a welcome card.  We would like to drop you a note with a little more information about The Ridge.