New Here

New Here

New Here

The goal and vision for the RidgeStudents

LIFEGroups is true spiritual formation

Transforming our lives towards the life and character of Jesus Chirst -

  • through the Word
  • through discipleship
  • through prayer
  • through service

To challenge the students to own their faith -

  • through meeting in community
  • through true Christ-centered fellowship
  • through events
  • through Biblically-based accountability

Our RidgeStudents Covenant is interwoven through everything we do within the ministry, especially our LIFEgroup meetings.

Though we seek to become more Christ-like in all areas of our lives, as a group we intend to emphasize several values. These include:

  • Being Biblically Based: To rely on the Word in all things, if we have a question, consult the Word first before anything else.
  • Prayer: Regularly interceding for others
  • Respect: Respecting each other’s differences in stages of growth, understanding, and healing
  • Compassion: Listen and give comfort to others, instead of always trying to “fix” problems
  • Accountability/Consequences: To address my behavior before others when suspected or caught acting contrary to my convictions
  • Confidentiality: Not relating to others outside a group what we hear, observe, or sense
  • Creativity: We will try new things, express new thoughts, and be open to do things differently.