Who are God’s people?

In Luke 7:1-17, we are introduced to two wonderful stories that illustrate the compassion and power of Jesus. In the first episode Jesus hears of a Roman centurion who had a Jewish servant that was dying. Jesus responds to this Gentile commander’s request to heal the servant. As a result, Jesus was quite amazed as the Centurion’s faith.

 In the second story Jesus resurrects a dead young man being carted off to a grave. Jesus sees the grieving mother and is moved to perform this miracle. As result fear gripped the people observing this but they began to glorify God claiming Jesus to be a great prophet.

 The Luke tells us that the people also said, “God has visited His people!” (Luke 7:16). That begs the question, “Who are God’s people?” That is what we will explore today as we study the life of this centurion and the other characters introduced in this passage.