Worry to Worship

Luke 1.26-56: Are you fearful of the future?  Do you get worried about whether or not you have enough to retire?  Do you become anxious when you think of trying to get your child through high school let alone college?  These are all real stresses that we deal with.  Fear results in fight or flight while anxiety creates doom and gloom.  These are real emotions, but what do we do with them when we face real life stresses?   Today, I want us to look at the story of Mary receiving the news of her pregnancy outside the hype and festivities of the Christmas season and see the reality of what she is facing.  She is in a tough spot.  She could look at her future and worry, but rather than letting fear and anxiety win out she runs to the Lord and worships.  Today, I want to encourage us to learn from Mary’s response and to turn our worry to worship.