Treasuring Jesus

When you treasure something or someone you hold that item, that experience or person as the highest of value.  God wants us to treasure Jesus.  That is truly God’s treasure, His Son, and the Holy Spirit wants to do the work in our heart to make Jesus our true treasure.  The writer, Luke is one who treasured Jesus.  He showed in his careful and investigative writings His heart for Jesus and His desire for others to treasure Jesus for who He truly was.  Luke had a heart for the marginalized and the outcasts as seen with His emphasis on Jesus’ compassion for such people.  Jesus gave hope to people who were stuck.  He came to set them free that they would treasure Him.  Through Luke’s writing we see that treasuring Jesus is to be sustained, strengthened and matured in churches, so that the treasuring of Jesus will be mobilized to the nations.  Today, we begin a study in Luke’s gospel, so that we would truly treasure Jesus together in 2018.