Keep It Simple

1 John 3.11-24:  Today marks the beginning of Advent.  Advent is derived from the Latin word which means “coming”.  Advent is the season that celebrates the humble coming of Jesus into the world and looks with eager anticipation to His second coming in glory.  Through this Advent season we continue through the book of 1 John, which has the first and second coming of Jesus in focus throughout.  Today, be encouraged to keep it simple.  Yes, during this season which can easily get busy, but especially when it comes to our daily walk with Jesus.  John has two simple takeaways for us today: believe in Jesus and love one another.  As we will see, it is not always that easy in a world full of no faith, hate and unrighteousness to do that.  So, in light of Jesus’ comings may we believe and grow in our faith in Jesus.  Let us also this Advent season grow in our love for others.