Marriage - Equipped, Anger, Harvest

Asking people what qualities or characteristics they want in a future spouse is an interesting and easy conversation starter.  When people respond to that question, they tend to land pretty quickly on positive “external” qualities or behaviors (e.g., funny, attractive, nice) or positive “internal” character elements (e.g., honest, ambitious, patient).  It’s hard to imagine anyone saying something along the lines of, “I’d like my future spouse to be disloyal, unfaithful, and adulterous.”  As such, it often surprises people to learn that those adjectives describe the kind of spouse God once instructed a man to marry!  At first glance, the story of the prophet Hosea’s marriage would not appear to have much to offer to close out a series on marriage.  As we take a deeper look at this strange and stunning story, though, we will see that in many ways it affirms what has already been taught in this marriage series and reveals important principles for us to carry into all of our relationships.