Stop, Listen and Act

  • Date: Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • Speaker: Jerry Witham
  • Series: Sacred Psalms
  • Category: Obedience
  • Scripture: Psalm 95:1–95:11

Psalm 95: Have you ever ran a stop sign?  There is this stop sign over in the old downtown area of Lewisville that gets me almost every time.  One time I completely missed it and went right through it.  I usually don’t blatantly drive on through stop signs, but instead my issue is the rolling stop.  I am guilty of that.  Stop signs are important, as well as other warning signs, signals and sounds.  We need them in life.  We need them when it comes to our relationship with God too.  In today’s psalm the psalmist is trying to get our attention to get us to stop, listen and obey.