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Our God Reigns

August 13, 2017 Speaker: David Bird Series: Sacred Psalms

Topic: God Passage: Psalm 96:1–96:13


Sometimes we have a hard time believing that God reigns and is really in control. We see evil things in the world; people killing others and people taking advantage of others. We wonder if God sees this and if he really is in control. 

Maybe you are in a difficult season of life and you wonder if God is really in control and why people hurt you or that sin seems to reign in this world and not our Lord. Yet, Psalm 96:10 reminds us that God does reign. He has established the world and it shall not be moved unless He chooses. He is the ruler over time and history. He rules in heaven and on earth and he has not given up His authority.

Today we want to explore Psalm 96 for it encourages us to not only worship the Lord but shows us how to worship Him. Five imperatives tell us how to worship He who reigns!

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