Praying to Endure

  • Date: Sunday, May 21, 2017
  • Speaker: Jerry Witham
  • Series: Table Talk
  • Category: Prayer
  • Scripture: James 5:13–5:18

James 5.13-18: We are told in our Christian walk to endure and persevere; to stick with it and not to throw in the towel, but how do we do that? We are going to have times when we are spiritually weak, weary and exhausted. We will fall into spiritual depression, anxiety and feel defeated. What do we do? James says, pray. The source of spiritual endurance is prayer. As we read from James today, prayer comforts us when we are spiritually suffering; prayer lifts us up when we are down and out; prayer is important to the community of believers as we are vulnerable and honest to one another; and prayer is powerful as God pours out His spiritual blessings to struggling believers. Don’t think for one minute that walking with Jesus is easy. It is not. He suffered and we are called to share in His sufferings. There is hope for us to endure as we follow Him and that is through prayer.