Mission: Guadalajara

Guadalajara Update


One of the highlights for the summer of 2017 we will our 4th annual Children’s Camp! Last year we had around 80 kids from the inner city, an orphanage and a rehab center, plus a few adults and even whole families! Join us July 29-August 5 as we make sure all the kids hear and understand the Gospel, learn Scriptures, sing praise songs and experience Christian love, values and community in a camp context.

While some kids come from the inner city of downtown Guadalajara, most of the kids live in the impoverished community of La Providencia. This is a little slice of inner city on the outskirts of Guadalajara. There are gangs, drugs and crime but not a single church in this rough neighborhood that is home to many of our friends and tons of kids! Pray for a constant witness to be established in this area.

Following up on our initiative last year we are hosting another Youth Wilderness Hike for older teens. Plan to be part of the August 5-12 as we combine the message of salvation with a hearty hike and 3 night camping adventure.



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