Bible Reading: Psalm 89

Psalm 89 (Please read scripture text from bible.)

God created music.  Just like everything else He has created it is all for Him and His glory (Colossians 1.16).  As we read through the psalms we must remember they are songs and prayers written by different people that honor the Lord.  Today’s psalm is written by Ethan who was a wise Levitical musician in the service of King David.  Here Ethan called on God to remember and honor the Davidic Covenant and send relief to the king who has gone through defeat and some severe affliction.

There will be times of defeat in life and times we get afflicted.  How great it is to have those by your side to be there for us and to pray for us.  Ethan is doing that very thing for David as he recalls the loyal love and faithfulness of God.  Ethan appeals to God to honor His promises that He made to David on the basis of His love and faithfulness.

Ethan restates the Davidic covenant promises in 89.3-4.  This was central to Ethan’s thinking in this psalm.  “The background for the Davidic Covenant and the sonship imagery associated with it is the ancient Near Eastern covenant of grant, whereby a king would reward a faithful servant by elevating him to the position of ‘sonship’ and granting him special gifts, usually related to land and dynasty. Unlike the conditional suzerain-vassal treaty, after which the Mosaic Covenant was patterned, the covenant of grant was an unconditional, promissory grant which could not be taken away from the recipient.[383] Consequently God’s covenantal promises to David were guaranteed by an irrevocable divine oath (89:3, 28-37; 132:11).”  So, Ethan reminds God that He had chosen David to be His anointed servant king and that He would give Him power and success.

As Ethan calls out to God on basis of the Davidic Covenant he remembers the attributes of God.  As He does He asks, “who is comparable to the Lord” and “who is like You, O mighty Lord”?  There truly is none like God and based on His love and faithfulness He will care for David.  He will also care for us.  Jesus truly is the forever King, which the Davidic covenant ultimately points to.  When He comes again and sets up His earthly reign all affliction, pain and defeat will be forever vanished.  Until then we remember there is none greater than our God and Savior and He will care for us with righteousness and justice as the foundation of His throne.

Weekly Memory Verse: Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; lovingkindness and truth go before You.  Psalm 89.14